Another day, another day-trip

I saw the anaesthetist this morning, and all is good. Nothing has changed, I’m still fit for a general anaesthetic, and she thinks I should get the call soon. She said that they have increased capacity by opening new operating theatres, and also they are now doing operations in the afternoon as well as in the morning. As I left I said, “¡Hasta luego!” (See you soon), and she said hopefully in theatre rather than back here again!
I asked if everything shuts down for summer holidays in July and August and she said no. She said there are less operations then, but they still carry on. Apparently, there was no particular reason why they didn’t get to me in the six months from September to March, just the sheer number of patients.
So here we go again. The tests are valid for six months so hopefully I’ll be called in before 11th December. And hopefully much sooner that that!
PS I haven’t forgotten about Brainstorm, the book I mentioned in my last entry. I finished reading it on the bus this morning. I just need to go back through it quickly to pick out the bits I want to highlight, then write the review. I’ve never written a book review before so that should be fun 😉

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